As we discussed in the previous post, speaking is not an easy task. It's challenges lie in that we can't always see the structures and body parts used to make the sounds. Coordinating the lips, tongue, teeth, jaw, and lungs to produce a sound all in a split second seem...

Learning to speak is not an easy task. Speech is a complex fine motor task that requires your tongue, lips, jaw, teeth, and lungs to work together and at the right time to make a sound. It is also complicated by the fact that much of the work is being done where we can...

Every parent waits for this moment like a kid on Christmas morning! Excited, anxious, and oh so curious about what this word will be. During your child's first year of life, they have taken it all in. Soaked up every word you've said like a sponge and now it's their tu...

When should you consider seeing a speech therapist in St.Louis, MO

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Milestones versus Averages: A Guide to your child's communication milestones birth-3

June 29, 2020

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