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As a parent, I have learned that breaks from school can be a great time to reinforce goals and concepts already learned as well as work on some things my child currently struggles with. Of course, if your kids are anything like mine, the second you mention the word “ho...

What brought you to The Speech Spot? 

I was looking for a part-time position and I came across the Speech Spot’s website. I was thrilled to find this little gem in my neighborhood, and I knew it would be the perfect fit. 

Do you have any areas of special interest? 

I enjo...

To continue our blog series this month celebrating Better Speech and Hearing Month, we will focus on our tiniest communicators, infants. Most parents would assume that speech and language skills can only be assessed or addressed after a child has begun speaking around...

May is "Better Speech and Hearing Month", which is a month dedicated to bringing awareness to communication disorders and the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology. At The Speech Spot, we would like to honor this month with a series of blog posts dedicated...

What brought you to The Speech Spot?

I was a stay-at-home mom to 2 kids at the time and wanted to slowly get back into the speech/language therapy world. I missed working with kids on their speech and language needs. I wanted a flexible schedule and loved the clinic set...

Why did you open The Speech Spot? 

I started The Speech Spot in 2014 because I saw a need in the St. Louis area for a private practice that offered evening and after school hours for busy families. My research indicated that individuals living in the City of St. Lo...

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Incorporating Speech and Language Into Your Winter Break Activities

December 18, 2019

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