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Why did you open The Speech Spot? 

I started The Speech Spot in 2014 because I saw a need in the St. Louis area for a private practice that offered evening and after school hours for busy families. My research indicated that individuals living in the City of St. Lo...

Almost all toddlers will go through a phase where their speech is not smooth and would be considered dysfluent. This usually occurs when children are in a language acquisition phase. Putting together longer sentences,  gaining new vocabulary, and learning how to partic...

Every parent waits for this moment like a kid on Christmas morning! Excited, anxious, and oh so curious about what this word will be. During your child's first year of life, they have taken it all in. Soaked up every word you've said like a sponge and now it's their tu...

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Incorporating Speech and Language Into Your Winter Break Activities

December 18, 2019

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The Speech Spot

3284 Ivanhoe Ave.

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The Speech Spot 

130 W. Monroe Ave.

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