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As we discussed in the previous post, speaking is not an easy task. It's challenges lie in that we can't always see the structures and body parts used to make the sounds. Coordinating the lips, tongue, teeth, jaw, and lungs to produce a sound all in a split second seem...

Almost all toddlers will go through a phase where their speech is not smooth and would be considered dysfluent. This usually occurs when children are in a language acquisition phase. Putting together longer sentences,  gaining new vocabulary, and learning how to partic...

When should you consider seeing a speech therapist in St.Louis, MO

 Parents often ask me is it ever too early to begin working on speech development?  My answer is that it is never too early to begin connecting with your child and laying a foundation on which to grow.  One of the first ways to start this connection is through Joint At...

People with disabilities are first and foremost people, with dreams, hopes, wishes, and talents far beyond what their disability may indicate. According to The Arc, a national advocacy group for individuals with disabilities, one in every five individuals has a disabil...

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Incorporating Speech and Language Into Your Winter Break Activities

December 18, 2019

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