to The Speech Spot

"Watch and Listen As Your

Child Blossoms" 


The Speech Spot recognizes

that each child and family

are unqiue. We are devoted to identifying the best method to help your child's speech blossom !

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    Come Visit Us At: 

    112 W. Jefferson Ave. 

    Suite 132

    Kirkwood, MO, 63122

    FAX: 314-462-0616


    The Speech Spot specializes in providing private speech therapy services to children currently struggling with: Autism Spectrum Disorders, phonological disorders, apraxia, articulation disorders, speech impairments, augmentative communication, fluency disorders, stuttering, receptive and expressive language delays, oral motor skills, social communication skills, speech and language delays, dysphagia, and swallowing. We are proud to be located in the downtown Kirkwood Business District. In 2020 we added a Reading Specialist to address a need in the community.