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The Speech Spot offers presentations and professional development for schools, parent groups, church organizations, homeschooling co-ops, and/or daycare settings looking to learn more about a variety of topics in the speech and language field. Current presentations we are offer include: 


Preschool Speech and Language Development- this presentation includes a broad overview of what parents, teachers, and caregivers should be seeing develop in the early years of speech and language acquisition.  We discuss milestones verses averages and why they make a difference. We provide participants with an understanding of what typical speech and language development milestones are and when to consider a referral to a speech-language pathologist. This presentation is ideal for preschools, parent groups of children ages 2-5, and any other groups working with this population. 


Differential Diagnosis: ADHD, CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder), or a Language Disorder?- this presentation is designed to help individuals differentiate between ADHD, CAPD, and a language disorder as they often present with similar features, but do in fact, have key marked differences. The presentation gives participants a better understanding of each diagnosis and how to support those who have been diagnosed across a variety of environments and settings. It also helps teachers, parents, and caregivers know when to make referrals for a diagnosis. 

We are always adding to our presentation topic list and if you wish to submit a request for a presentation we are happy to consider your topic and discuss your groups specific needs. Presentation fees provided upon request. To submit a request email: or 


  • "Fantastic! So helpful and informative. Best staff training we have had." -Preschool language presentation attendee 

  • "This was so helpful! You guys are awesome!" - Preschool language presentation attendee 

  • "This was great! Wish it could have lasted longer! So much good info! -Preschool language presentation attendee 

  • "I love the conversational Q&A parts! The more examples and scenarios, the better. You both speak with knowledge and confidence- it shines through. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise!" -ADHD, CAPD, Language Disorders presentation attendee 

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