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About Tele-Therapy

Are you looking for speech and language services without leaving your home? Do you live in a community with few speech and language resources? If so, our tele-therapy services are here to help support you and your child.

Tele-therapy is a commonly used term to provide speech and language therapy through the use of video chat combined with  specialized software and a licensed and trained therapist.  The sessions and exercises are designed based upon the child's needs, age and comfort with technology. 

Sessions  - What to Expect

 Tele-therapy sessions take on a very similar look and feel of a 'traditional' speech therapy setting and has been proven an effective practice in use for many years.  All that is required is access to a computer and a strong internet connection.  It is recommended that an adult is in the same room to assist in troubleshooting any potential issues as the child and therapist develop a connection and become acquainted withe the expectations and use.  Sessions will typically last between 30 - 60 mins with all of the same goals, exercises and expectations that would be found on a weekly basis with in person therapy.


                                                        For more information on Teletherapy check out our Blog Post! 


We understand that this type of therapy may be unfamiliar for many  parents and schools and we are happy to answer any questions to provide clarity if teletherapy is a good option for your child's needs.  Please reach out and contact us today if you would like to discuss in greater detail.


The Speech Spot is equipped and ready to support schools, communities and

your children during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are offering teletherapy services to our current families. In an effort to support the community further, we would like to extend this offer to ANY family that is looking to replace their child's speech and language services they were receiving in the school setting. Please contact us to discuss the details and how we can help you during this time. We love our community and would like to be a place for support. Call us at 314-312-3268 or 618-791-8271.   

Interested in Learning More about Tele-Therapy and the specific evidence based  information please visit ASHA Page HERE

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