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Steps to Success!


Identifying a concern 

The first step starts with you!  Identifying a need and seeking early intervention is the key to unlocking your child's full potential in the shortest amount of time. 


Initial Screening and Evaluation 

Contact The Speech Spot to set up an initial evaluation.  We use a variety of diagnostic tools to develop a complete assessment of your childs current abilities. 



Once the evaluation is complete you and your therapist will review the results. A Strategic Plan of Action (SPA) will be created in order to individualize your therapy sessions, set goals and to measure progress. 

Therapy Plan of Action



Watch, look, and listen as your child's speech blossoms! For families and therapists this is the most gratifying step of therapy! 

Initial Screening


An initial Screening is designed for clients who have not yet been seen by a speech language pathologist.  This short informal interaction with your child is used to determine if a full evaluation is necessary. 


Evaluation - What to Expect

 We believe that a complete understanding of a child's ability and areas of focus is key to providing effective therapy.  An initial evaluation typically takes about 1 hour and will include informal and formal observations of receptive and expressive language, oral speech and communication.  We will also complete a full review of current medical or educational diagnosis, therapy records as well as our parent questionnaire.  All results are shared with parents and if therapy is recommended we will begin collaborating on a Strategic Plan of Action (SPA).


Therapy Plan of Action

Each child is unique and we believe that each plan for therapy should be tailored to the needs of the individual.  We work closely with the parent and child to develop realistic and achievable goals over a given time period.  We employ a variety of auditory, visual and kinesthetic tools to keep your child engaged and happy.


Other Services:

 Onsite Screenings: The Speech Spot can offer one day or ongoing screening services for private schools, daycare centers, parent groups or pediatrician offices.  Our screening process offers an abbreviated version of a full evaluation to determine if a child is performing at age appropriate levels.  If your school or office is interested in providing on-site consultations to parents please call us today!

Private School Partnerships: We work with several elementary schools in the area to provide additional outlets to educators and parents looking for in-school therapy.  We provide an external resources to on-call specialized therapists on a hourly, daily or weekly basis depending upon the schools need.

Second Opinion Evaluation: Parents are the best advocate for their children's needs and should always seek out additional guidance if they believe there is cause for concern.  There are a variety of speech and language methods available to therapists to identify and focus on a specific area of a childs development.  The Speech Spot will provide an outside and professional opinion for any parental concerns. 


 Call The Speech Spot to schedule your child's evaluation today!




What insurance plans do you accept?

How long will my child's speech session be? 

We are a provider with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. We are also happy to provide any documentation you may need to submit a claim to your insurance provider or FSA or HSA account. 

Typically, sessions run for 30-60 minutes depending on the child's age and needs.  Each session will end with 10 minutes of consultative discussion with the parent.  You and your therapist will discuss the approriate time frame for your child as part of the SPA.

What will the cost be for my child to receive speech services? 

The Spot's pricing depends on what services you are seeking for your child.  We offer billing per session or on a monthly basis. Please call to inquire more about pricing.

How long will my child need speech services? 

With home practice and encouragement several children have been able to correct speech articulation errors in 6-8 weeks. Depending on the area and severity of need the therapy process can be shorter or longer.

Do you provide group therapy? 

What are your office hours?

If a child's needs can be met and at a parents request we will consider group therapy.  Students will be paired up based upon similiar needs and availability. Also see our Blog post on Summer Speech Camp

During the school year we offer after school, and in-school sessions on weekdays and some weekend hours by request.  During summer months we are available for scheduling 7 days a week at a mutually agreed upon time.


What should I be doing as a parent?

A parents active involvement in their childs speech development is a great benefit. We provide feedback following each session.  We offer tools and suggestions for home treatment to accellerate the therapy process and reinforce proper techniques.

At what age should I seek help for my child?

We work with children from preschool to 5th grade.  Please check out our Blog post on age appropriate milestones and when to seek an evaluation for more information or What to expect at an initial evaluation for more info.

My child came home with a initial screening form suggesting a follow up, what should I do next?

Initial screenings are designed to quickly identify if speech therapy MAY be needed.  Please call to follow up with the therapist that performed the evaluation.  In most cases a complete evaluation is suggested to further review and determine if any therapy is needed.