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Why choose The Speech Spot? 
Since The Speech Spot opened it's doors in 2014 it has provided superior speech and language services to families in the Saint Louis area. Here is what our families have to say about their experience: 
  • "Alex looked forward to and enjoyed his sessions with Liz. He continues to mention his sessions in a positive manner. Liz was able to engage Alex with a variety of activities and tasks that helped him progress through the milestones we set following our initial evaluation meeting."

  • "We were thrilled to see Sam's progress! We think Kate did an amazing job. Sam's frustration over words he couldn't say went away almost instantly, and each week he became clearer and clearer. I've been delighted to see Sam happy to go to speech each week. He may even miss going when he finishes." 

  • "Liz’s professional personality and ability to use a variety of approaches to connect with kids, as well as the flexibility of scheduling appointments, contributed to the positive experience we had at The Speech Spot."



Individual Speech Thearpy


  • "While shy, our son quickly warmed up and began to look forward to his “play time” with Miss Liz.  We saw very rapid improvement in his speech, both using words and sentences as well as articulation, within just a few sessions.  When he graduated from therapy he was significantly improved from his intake just a few months prior." 


  • "The Speech Spot was a warm and accepting environment.  They heard our concerns when other speech therapy services ignored them.  Sessions were positive, fun, effective and tailored to the interests and emotional level of our child."


Language Therapist and child


  • "We really enjoyed our time with The Speech Spot.  While we are thrilled to see such improvement that sessions are no longer necessary at this time, we will miss Miss Liz and the fun and encouragement she had for our son.  Her positive energy and gentle approach provided him just the boost he needed to continue working on his speech even outside the therapy environment." 


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