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The Benefits of Clinic Based Services & A Peek Inside The Speech Spot

Many parents and families of children needing speech/language services are often told that home based therapy services are their only, and best options, for their child. While in-home therapy does have it's pro's there are also some con's to having therapy sessions in the home environment. Being in the child's natural environment tends to make the child feel comfortable, but at times they can become too comfortable! They may become distracted by preferred toys/games, siblings and pets, or feel that they do not need to follow the therapists routine because, well, they are at home and home is for play. By attending clinic based services your child will begin to learn critical life skills in the area of social skills, emotional regulation, self-control, participation in a group, and much more.

Here are some of the many benefits to seeking clinic-based treatment for your child's speech and language needs:

Building New Experiences and Routines

Clinic based services allow for new experiences for the child. Coming to the clinic can be a valuable lesson about transitions, visiting new places, and can be part of a weekly routine that a child learns to expect, and even looks forward to.

Variety of Therapy Materials

Clinic based therapy allows the therapist to have access to their whole set of tools, not the limited supply they bring to the home, “thinking” it will be best for the interventions planned for that day. This is especially helpful because the best laid therapy plans can quickly change when the child is not always on board.

Social Experience

Clinic based exposure is a social experience. Meeting others in the waiting room, possibly working in a group and learning a lesson on how to transition to a new environment. Beginning to understand that each environment has it's own set of expectations and rules that are unique to it's setting.

Allows for a Structured Therapy Session

Clinic based therapy allows for more structure. Maybe it's just the structure of sitting at the therapy table or sitting in circle with the caregiver and therapist. Your child will learn how to be a good listener and what learning and listening looks like, feels like, and sounds like.

More Participation

Clinic based therapy facilitates more participation from the child since they are in an environment that is unfamiliar. Everyone hears how their child behaves better when they are at friend's house, right? Same principals apply here. Kids will adapt to the new environment and begin to feel more comfortable each time they attend a session. And it happens quite frequently that they do not want to leave the therapy room once the session is complete!

Use of Visual Supports

Clinic based therapy allows for the therapist to provide your child with visual supports to enhance their learning. These visuals adore the therapy room walls to support the learning of new concepts or serve as reminders for mastered goals.

These are just a few of the reasons why The Speech Spot offers a warm, comfortable, and accepting child-centered therapy room for our clients. Our room is equipped with the necessary treatment materials, visual supports, and assessments to provide your child with complete speech and language therapy. Below is a peek inside our therapy room at The Spot...come by and see us on your way down Fyler or Ivanhoe!

The Speech Spot is at the corner of Ivanhoe & Fyler in Lindenwood Park.

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