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Identify the Signs: The Speech Spot Celebrates Better Speech and Hearing Month

May is "Better Speech and Hearing Month", which is a month dedicated to bringing awareness to communication disorders and the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology. At The Speech Spot, we would like to honor this month with a series of blog posts dedicated to "Communication Across a Lifespan", which is the American Speech-Language Hearing Associations (ASHA) theme for this year. We will provide information about communication and communication disorders in infancy, early childhood/toddler, school-age, and adulthood as well as other interesting facts about current research being done in the field, videos from ASHA directly, and much more.

To kick us off, we would like to highlight ASHA's campaign to identify the signs of a speech, language, or hearing disorder. ASHA is currently spearheading this campaign to provide the public with better resources and knowledge to understand and identify the signs and symptoms of a communication disorder. Communication disorders are treatable with proper identification and intervention. Early identification is a large component to the overall outcomes for the person experiencing a communication disorder.

ASHA has an entire website dedicated to this campaign, linked here, for you to access and discover if you may be missing any signs or symptoms in your child or children in your lives. Below is a helpful handout outlining some current research and facts about childhood speech and hearing disorders.

As ASHA certified speech-language pathologists, the team at The Speech Spot believes in parent education and we make it an integral part of your child's treatment plan. Our goal is to make all parents feel knowledgeable about how to help their child's speech and language development.

Please give us a call if you have any concerns regarding your child's communication. We are happy to discuss and consult with you so that you gain more understanding about your child's development and if any next steps are necessary.

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